Tips for Selling

When there is a lot of property on the market it’s vital to present your home in the best possible light. 

If you go the extra mile and consider it always a buyers’ market you will increase your chances of selling quickly. Get competitive and out-do the neighbours! Follow our step-by-step guide and help yourself to an early sale.

  • Present your house as you would want to view it - squeaky clean and beautifully tidy. Obvious as it sounds, it needs to be said.
  • Consider your kerb appeal. A couple of pots of flowering plants beside a freshly painted front door will lift the look instantly.
  • Cut the grass and get the gardens tidy ready for us to take photographs – the first time a potential buyer sees your house will probably be on a photograph – so don’t miss the opportunity to make a good first impression.
  • Older properties can seem dark. Net curtains -  if you have them take them down and clean windows to make the most of the natural light.
  • Bright colours aren’t to everyone’s taste - a lick of white or magnolia paint can make an interior much more bright and appealing.
  • Less is more! You’re going to have to pack at some point so why not make a start now! Cut down the ornaments and trinkets to a minimum to maximise the feeling of space and calm. 
  • They might be your best friends but not everyone loves dogs and cats. If you can, keep them out of the way during viewings and pick up feed bowls and beds.
  • Keep your house well-aired, open the windows and let clean fresh air get to work on any lingering smells
  • If you do smoke – do it outside – few things are more off-putting to a buyer than tobacco odour 
  • Spruce up your bathrooms and showers, clean the grout and re-seal where necessary – getting rid of any unsightly mould – and don’t forget to empty your bathroom bins for viewings. 
  • Please allow short-notice viewings whenever possible – and if you’re not around we will be happy to conduct the viewing for you. Most buyers have a good idea of what they want and it might not be appropriate to show them every last cupboard on a first viewing. Be available to answer questions but don’t feel you have to explain every last detail about the property!
  • A quick viewing is not always a bad sign. It may indicate a serious buyer who will return for a more focussed second look.